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Trial Presentation

Sometimes presenting a jury with a mounted display is your evidence's best expression. And sometimes your story necessitates the evidence be animated and projected to create a more dynamic and live experience for the jury. We are particularly adept at discussing your case's singular arcs and moments to help decide which is right for you. VisuaLegal's client-based philosophy involves developing a comprehensive story-telling feel to your demonstrative evidence. We welcome the opportunity to visit you and give a short demonstration of what we can do to help you win.

Dynamic Document Retrieval

VisuaLegal has years of experience coordinating the presentation of all demonstrative media. Our live courtroom software manages all your pdfs, videos and animations, making them available to you at a moment's notice. Whether its scrolling deposition video with the court reporter's transcript or the ability to highlight and scale evidential materials, VisuaLegal provides a mature and adaptive presentation solution.

Instant Video Playback

Instant video playback allows you to access volumes of video depositions and play them immediately. Often during mediation, supporting footage clips are created beforehand and shown with supporting evidence simultaneously. Many of our clients feel it is this aspect--the "on-demand" testimony of experts and witnesses--that helps them to avoid many costly courtroom expenses. Our video production services can help you redirect a witness towards their original deposition testimony or sum up your client's situation with a Day in the Life or Settlement movie. All video is available instantly during mediation and on cue!

3D Illustration and Animated Timelines

Complex information that arises from accident scenes and medical situations can often best be presented with the use of animation or 3-D illustrations. They assist a jury or mediator to understand how something is designed to work, or the layout of traffic signs posted at a given scene or why medical diagnoses can fail. Illustrations and animations can survey a scene from all angles, or produce a "cutaway" view to the skeleton of an object or person. We're only limited by our imaginations. And VisuaLegal's experience producing animated timelines can give you the narrative glue that keeps your presentation flowing and on point.




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