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Every case is a unique opportunity; the strongest narrative arcs and elements are those that stick in the heads of a jury, mediator or adjuster. VisuaLegal helps clients discover those unique elements and brings them to life. Here are a few examples of our biggest settlement victories and some of the varying techniques we used to win them.

Water Intruding Upon A Home's Improper Foundation
Deposition and home video footage shot by our clients revealed many factual inconsistencies in the Defendant's testimony. These falsehoods were then supplanted by expert testimony audio combined with animations of a building rife with mold, built below grade. Our clients, who dealt with the same ineffectual landlord for over 6 years were vindicated with one of our largest settlements.
Defending Clients V. Exxon-Mobile
VisuaLegal's 1st courtroom presentation was a true David vs. Goliath scenario. We successfully defended our clients against Exxon-Mobil, incorporating scrolling deposition video with live courtroom presentation of several hundred emails and documents during the 11-day juried trial. We won a unanimous 12-0 verdict from the jury, with $0 dollars in damages awarded to Exxon.

Electrical Arcing Leads To Fire
In some presentations, a single facet of the story carries a lasting, visceral and emotional affect. Video montage is supplemented by expert testimony from a senior fire deputy in this case. To fully realize the horror of this client's dilemma an animated re-creation is produced to fully engage the jury, making them a part of the story. In the end, a mother's heroism saves her son from a burning home, leaving a permanent reminder of the experience.
Chasing Owner Of Vicious Dog
Simple graphics and emotional video testimony can mean the difference providing substantial settlement for your clients. A rudimentary map with animated event demonstrated how far this client went to chase down a defendant even after suffering multiple dog bites.
Day In the Life: Recovering From A Hospital's Negligence
This presentation showcased Day in the LIfe video footage complemented by hospital records detailing the life-altering effects of a hospital accident. All interview footage in this case was shot by the attorney, then edited by VisuaLegal. Subtle vignetting and dissolves emphasize the emotional tenor of our client's plight.
Nasal Polyps Resulting From Household Mold Contamination
A disingenuous and non-contracted property manager sets about to rip open a home's basement that's replete with dangerous mold. As a result our client developed a threatening and surgery necessary polypectomy. Our animations provided a resonant reminder to the mediator and adjuster of the trials our client went through as a result.

"I have retained VisuaLegal to assist in the preparation of nearly a dozen mediations presentations and now consider their creative and industrious contributions a standard practice for settling cases or preparing for trial. They have become an essential component to the detailing the narratives of my clients' claims with presentations that include deposition video clips, reenactment animations and timeline chronologies, all of which greatly benefit my clients. Their work has consistently been of the highest quality; an invaluable resource for my 10+ years of legal practice." 

Eric L. Lifschitz - Owner, Law Offices of Eric L. Lifschitz

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