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"your story, our emphasis"


Cases are only as small as their ideas. How you present those ideas can make all the difference in the world. VisuaLegal is an independent video production and legal graphics team that tilts the balance in your favor. Our team's histories are varied and diverse, but they all have a common theme: storytelling.

As a production team, we decipher complex engineering, physical and medical scenarios, couching your most complicated issues into everyday terms. If you can imagine it, VisuaLegal can produce it. Serious medical injury, accident scenes or animated timelines, consider VisuaLegal your personal graphics production house.

As a presentation team, we provide the freedom for lawyers and expert witnesses to leave their laptops at home, and engage juries and mediators directly. Narrative is king, and VisuaLegal works with each client to help them develop their winning case from initial conception through final presentation.

If you think your case could benefit from any kind of presentation support at all, give us a call -- we welcome the chance to discuss your case's particular challenges. We will even come to your office for a short lunchtime presentation of our unique industry niche.

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